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In the last week of March (how was it almost a month ago?!), we traveled to Park City, Utah to get our last bit of winter fun in before spring hit. We had an amazing eating good food, drinking good drinks, and skiing some amazing snow! I found blog posts so helpful when trying to figure out how to plan my weekend and I wanted to give my tips for Park City as well.

Getting to/around Park City

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I was so impressed with how easy it was to get around Park City. With a free bus system that runs early in the morning to late at night, you an easily hop off to get to Main Street, the slopes, or back to where you’re staying at the end of the night. If you fly in to Park City, there’s totally no need for a car as it’s an easy Uber ride from the Salt Lake City airport.

What’s on Main Street, Park City

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If you talk to basically anyone, they’ll tell you that Main Street is the place to be in Park City. There are swankier bars and restaurants (think women in super high heels in the snow with big ole parkas) and some down home feeling dive bars too – with also a cool music scene as well! Mixed between restaurants are high-end sportswear brands like Patagonia, North Face, etc.

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I’d imagine that this would be absolutely wonderful around the holidays, but it has an overall Christmas-y feel no matter what time of year – doesn’t hurt when it snows the whole time either!

Eating in Park City

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Food is a big deal to us… like seriously it’s a big deal… but we also didn’t want to break the bank! There are some cheap bar-food type places to eat, but if you’re looking for a fancier experiencer, expect to dish out more money than you would in Salt Lake. We ended up packing sack lunches after the first day because lunch alone at the Tombstone Grill at Park City Mountain ran us about $50 (whereas at our home resort it costs about $30). I highly recommend hitting a grocery store and grabbing some jerky, fruit, and sandwich supplies if you aren’t looking to blow all your vacation money on food. Other than that, it was so much fun getting to try some restaurants and you can’t really go wrong with most of them! We had a great little look around Atticus Coffee and Tea on Main Street.

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Also, it’s good to note that Utah doesn’t serve beer over 3.2% ABV on tap… If you’re like us and enjoy something a little stronger, head to High West Distillery on Main Street for some awesome whiskey flights, cool ambience, and a good crowd. If you like whiskey, Chris loved the old-fashioned (middle photo) and if you’re like me and want something a little less whiskey-y, try the Ace-High beer cocktail (picture in the top photo).

High West Distillery Park City
High West Distillery Park City

High West Distillery Park City

Skiing Park City Mountain

This was two days ago & today its snowing & I can’t see five feet in front of my skis.. ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯

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We skied 2.5/3 days at Park City. The weather was super great one day, to the point where we got some super slushy snow, and the other days it was snowing basically all day! Chris had a ball, as he’s a much better skier than I am, and I hung around in coffee shops and lodges while he got a couple post-lunch hours to go ski double-blacks to his heart’s content. There were tons of intermediate runs for me as well, and we found that it was pretty easy to get down at the same pace on different level runs – but definitely bring a map because the mountain is seriously huge.

Trying to take a pic without goggles on a bluebird day… 😅😅

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Honestly, this was such a fun trip and I’m so glad we got to experience it! We had so much fun doing the things we love most and I can’t wait to explore some more awesome slopes next time!

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