Tips for Traveling with Your Partner

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Throughout 5 years of dating (side note- how has it been 5 years!?), my boyfriend and I have taken our fair share of trips together. Whether it was a 12 hour flight or a two hour drive, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to stay sane and in love while on the road. Check out my best tips for traveling with your partner below!

Also probably good to note – these tips work for all types of relationships! Friends, family, etc., but they’ve come in especially handy with my boyfriend. Maybe it’s because he drives me the craziest? Who knows haha

Get Some Alone Time


I recommend this when traveling with anyone, but seriously, have some alone time. Whether that’s splitting up in a museum or on a hike, it will do miracles for your mood, especially if one of you is introverted. This is especially important if it’s a trip just the two of yo! It’s so necessary to have time interacting with people other than your significant other.

Plan Activities for Each Person

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One thing that I love is taking photos. I’m pretty much fine with doing anything (even if it’s a 5 mile hike in the middle of July) if it means I can get a good pic out of it. Switching back and forth and combining the interests of two people.

Plan… or don’t!

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I’m a big time planner. I like to pack my days full of sight-seeing, walking, and getting the most out of my time. 99% of the time, my partner is okay with that… except after it goes on for two long. Make sure that you have a good balance of planning and not planning. I know that after a week or so, Chris needs a half day to relax and hang out instead of constant go-go-go!

Think Ahead

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It makes it so much easier when you have your expectations set out. Who’s going to bring the tent? Are you going to bring two cameras? Have you checked all your equipment? Make sure that everything is in order because you decide to jump into a trip together. So much less stressful when you don’t to worry about the details and can just enjoy each other’s company!

What are you best tips for traveling with your partner? Leave them down below!

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