Japanese Tea Garden

Wow – hello, blog! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been around, lots of freelancing in my creative business (www.sarahaugustinsky.com) and working on lots of fun projects. I’ve felt sad at neglecting this little piece of the internet though and with some exciting trips planned, I’m renewing my commitment to this creative outlet of mine.

Japanese Tea Garden-3

Japanese Tea Garden-7
Japanese Tea Garden-19

Japanese Tea Garden-32

A friend and I decided to spend a day in San Francisco, drinking rainbow lattes from Home Cafe and hanging out in places we could take lots of pictures. Since we spent most of the day in Sunset, it made sense to drive up to Golden Gate Park and peruse the beauty that is the Japanese Tea Garden.

Japanese Tea Garden-14

One of the coolest things about the Japanese Tea Garden is the color. Rich, lush yellow-greens against with bright oranges and reds. I love the light pink of Paige’s jacket too – it contrasts so well with the dark shadowy greens. The koi fish, the architectural structures, and the glittering coins at the bottom of clear waters give me all the color combination feels.

Japanese Tea Garden-25
Japanese Tea Garden-11

Japanese Tea Garden-39

Japanese Tea Garden-10

Japanese Tea Garden-35

Really, it’s always so nice to spend time with people who fuel my creativity and don’t make me feel weird for having my face behind a camera half the time. Days like these always refresh me for a week of work and spark my fire.

Japanese Tea Garden-41

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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