Best Moments of 2016

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This seems absolutely crazy to me… 2016 is almost OVER! This was the first year that I was dedicated to DelighttheDetails for a whole year – and what a year it was. There were so many ups this year and I feel like the downs haven’t really matched it. I’m rounding up some of the best moments of 2016 and sharing them today! Check it out below!

  1. graduate earlyI graduated from college this year! I still can’t get over the fact that it’s been over 6 months since I graduated… I’ve loved every second of learning how to do life better and better everyday!
  2. bryce canyon (39 of 40)I visited two new states: Utah and Arizona! Christopher and I did a big ole road trip and had a blast. God’s beauty is so stunning!
  3. outside lands (32 of 41)Outside Lands in San Francisco was definitely one of the highlights. It was so awesome to get to spend the weekend with my friends listening to great music and drinking good beer.
  4. golden gate views (6 of 16)I spent even more time exploring San Francisco – which I’ve absolutely loved. It’s so nice to be home and to feel like I have time to .
  5. sarahaugustinsky-comI launched my own business!!! This is one of my proudest moments of 2016. I launched my freelance graphic design and digital marketing business, made my own website, and have focused on growing professionally – something that I can’t wait to continue in the new year!

What have your favorite moments of 2016 been? Comment down below!

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