4 Skin Savers for Dry and Tired Skin


Do you ever have those times when your skin will just not get it together? Don’t you worry; you are definitely not alone. I’m pretty sure we all have those days/weeks/months when it feels like our skin just won’t cooperate. Today I’m sharing my 4 favorite skin savers and secrets for those weeks when your skin just needs a little extra help.

1: Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask from Lush


When I was in college, face masks became a part of my weekly routine. There’s something so relaxing and luxurious about a face mask. Some background on my skin: dryness/dullness and under eye issues are the two issues that I fight the most. Cup O’ Coffee is one of the absolute best masks I’ve ever used because of this! The caffeine in the mask wakes up your skin and the ground coffee scrubs away dryness and keeps your skin glowing. I use this on any area when I feel like my skin could use a little boost and always slather on tons of moisturizer afterwards. It also cleanses inpurities from your pores so you have less breakouts.

Oh, did I mention it’s under $15 for 5 ounces!?

2: Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser by Philsophy


I absolutely love this cleanser. I’ve been using it for years now and always find myself going back to it. I know that if something else is breaking me out, this will bring my skin back to balance and normalcy. The gentle formula gets my eye makeup off without scrubbing and smells divine. It also leaves my skin soft and smooth and works well with all my fave makeup.

3: Moisturizing Lotion by Aquation


I was sent this product to try out and it has become my go-to moisturizer. I notice a hugeeee different in the quality of my skin when I don’t use this – I break out more and my skin isn’t as soft. It’s so lush feeling and works super super well with the mask and cleanser I’ve mentioned above. Plus it’s super cheap. Like seriously, so cheap. You can buy a huge jug of it at Walmart for around $8. This is my faveeee to use after the mask I talked about above.

4: Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye Lift


While I try to stick to natural products, I make an exception for this – which may be my favorite of all the skins savers. The Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye Lift smooths and lifts under-eye bags – which is great for someone like me who has bags to spare and often wakes up looking tired. It’s fast-acting and is fully done within a minute and a half! All I do is tap on a small amount of it before applying my makeup and go about my day feeling more confident and looking waaaay less tired! I feel like pictures don’t do it justice, but you can see a before (left) and after (right) below!


This product is pretty pricey, but you can test it out with a free sample (plus shipping) by clicking here OR you can use the coupon code “D888D” to get 25% off your purchase! If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative, try out The Estee Edit Late Night Eraser which is available at Sephora. It definitely isn’t as powerful but still creates a lot of lift under the eye and helps me feel more awake on a normal day. Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra help, not a full do-over 😉

And that’s all folks! What are your favorite skin savers? Anything that helps with dryness or under eye circles are so welcome to me! Leave them in a comment down below.

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Thank you to Dynamic Sonic for partnering with me on this post.

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