My Alabama Graduation + 5 Things I Learned in College!

alabama graduation

Y’all – I’M DONE! Long time, no see. I have been so busy with my last semester of school, but my Alabama graduation is officially over, I’ve moved home, and I’m ready to take on the real world. Keep reading below to find out 5 things I learned from college!

1. The most rewarding time is time spent helping others.

The meaning of life is figuring out how to make the lives of those around you better. Go the extra mile, whether that means helping someone with a project even when you don’t want to, writing a sweet text to someone who had a bad day, or donating your coffee money to that girl’s mission trip. The little things add up to make a meaningful life!

2. Say yes while learning to say no.

Balance, balance, balance. Yes, have fun. Yes, take every opportunity. But realize that you have to learn to say no in order to have balance.

3. Progress, not perfection.

Learn this and commit it to memory: You do not have to be perfect. Make yourself better but also be forgiving. College means drinking/eating/talking/studying too much.

4. You will figure it out.

Major, money, to transfer or not to transfer, whether you’ll be able to fill the position, when you’re going to graduation – it’ll all work itself out. Pray, pray, pray some more. Plan, plan, plan. It will all be okay! You won’t ever be somewhere you aren’t meant to be.

5. Enjoy it!

These may or may not be the best days of your life. More than likely, it’ll be some good times, but the best is still ahead. Whatever fun looks like for you, make sure you make time for it.

alabama graduation

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading all about my Alabama graduation. I will be doing full videos about my college experience soon on my Youtube channel, so make sure you’re subscribed so you can get the latest updates!

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  1. Joanne
    May 16, 2016 / 4:08 pm

    Oh, you have already learned so many important life lessons. I needed to be reminded of them today, so thank you for posting! Congratulations, and enjoy this next phase of your life! There are no wrong decisions, so reflect, pray, and take the next leap! 😉

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