Day Designer: Review and Usage

day designer monthly spread review

I’ve had my Day Designer for about 6 months now! I needed a replacement for my Lilly and my Moleskine and found the perfect fit. I’ve started to use it a little bit less, especially because I just got off Christmas break which meant that I didn’t need quite as much planning, but I’ve still loved using it. Read below to see how I use it and why I love it so much!

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how I organize my Moleskine planner (you can check it out here). I was looking for something with more pizzazz than Moleskine, but less color than Lilly and EC and I desperately needed daily space.  That’s when I came across the Day Designer by Whitney English. I was immediately smitten and ordered it the same day. It came a week later and here we are!

day designer monthly review

I still organize my Day Designer planner in the same way using “events” and “tasks” as two sections to base my schedule off. First I fill in scheduled events and things that involve other people and can’t be rescheduled on my time. Then I fill in my empty space with tasks from my todo list. You can check out the organization of the days under the daily header below!


daydesignercover, day designer, whitney english, day designer

The cover of the Day Designer is absolutely gorgeous, but it does scratch a fair bit. Also, the design on the front is wearing off, especially the one at the bottom. The tabs and rings are a little bit of a brassy color, but I really don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. The paper is thick enough to write on it with a Sharpie Pen – SCORE! The monthly pages are especially thick which is great for loading them up with washi and stickers.


day designer review daily spread usage

I love the daily pages for every reason except one – the time slots. When I used my Moleskine Daily 12 Month Planner, the times were split up by halves of hours. I liked it a little bit better especially for a college schedule where things end at the half hour, but I definitely see how the Day Designer, which starts at 5 am, could be good for early risers. I’m definitely making it work, but I did like the half hours in the one I used before.


You can check out my monthly planner spread for August by clicking here!

day designer monthly review

day designer monthly review

day designer monthly review

The monthly pages are thick and tabbed and awesome. The empty space at the top is great for those who like to decorate (aka me), but it looks great on it’s own for the minimalists as well. I really like to load my monthly pages up because it’s harder to decorate the daily pages with a small pack of stickers, so I really make these incredible busy… Check out how I’ve decorated each month above!


day designer review usage

Y’ALL: THIS PLANNER ROCKS. MY. SOCKS. It’s so intuitive, so pretty, and has so much space for everything which really means a lot because sometimes my schedule is actually insane. Actually though, I’m in love with this planner and I think that the Day Designer was the perfect fit for me! With the added features, it’s perfect for my ridiculously crazy schedule.

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